Frequently Asked Questions

What are the unique features of Imagine Foundations at Morningside Public Charter School (PCS)?

Imagine Foundations at Morningside PCS is a unique school, in many ways, and each of its unique qualities will lead to higher levels of student achievement. At Imagine Morningside: Within our MicroSociety, we provide rigorous learning experiences in a restorative environment to prepare scholars for 21st century citizenship.

How would you describe the school’s academic program and curriculum?

Imagine Schools aims for every scholar to gain more than one year’s growth during the academic year. We also strive for all scholars who enter Imagine Schools below grade level to attain grade level proficiency within three years or less. Those at or above grade level will be challenged to soar beyond expectations. Imagine Morningside provides daily rigorous instruction through high quality common core aligned instruction for all subject areas. There is also daily differentiated instruction offered during school-wide Success Time that allows for intervention and enrichment in reading and math.

Our educational philosophy is grounded in educating the whole child. In order to assist scholars in thriving academically, teaching and learning must go beyond skill acquisition to the mastery of content. With mastery scholars, can apply their learning to new situations, solve problems, and create new ideas. This depth of understanding leads to a love of learning and critical thinking skills.

Who is eligible to attend Imagine Foundations at Morningside?

You must be a resident of Prince George’s County to be eligible to apply for enrollment at Imagine Foundations at Morningside. Proof of residence is a prerequisite of admission and must include the name and address of the person registering the student listed, along with any change in residence or any change in schools. Proof of residence may be established by any of the following documents: settlement papers, lease agreement, rental receipt, deed of property, or a tax assessment bill. The documents must be originals, not copies. (Note: If there is a question regarding the validity of documents, school personnel may require additional information, such as a recent utility bill or employment verification.)

Only a parent or court-appointed guardian may register a student in a Prince George’s County Public School. If a student is residing with anyone else, they must either obtain legal court-appointed guardianship or apply for a kinship care approval/tuition waiver. For additional information, call the Department of Pupil Accounting and School Boundaries at 301-952-6302. A child may not be registered on a notarized statement giving guardianship

What is the enrollment process at Imagine Foundations at Morningside?

Enrollment at Imagine Foundations at Morningside involves a multi-step application process. First, you must obtain a Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) student identification number to be eligible to enroll. Parents and/or legal guardians of students not currently enrolled in a PGC public school may obtain a student identification number by presenting a proof of residence and birth certificate at their attendance-boundary (or “home”) school. If your child attends a PGC school, you can locate the student identification number on your child’s report card or obtain it from the registrar at your child’s current school.

Step Two: Complete the online Lottery Application. A link to our current online application can be found here. You must fill out the entire application form in order to be eligible.

Step Three: After the lottery has been held, parents/guardians will receive information regarding acceptance or wait-list status, along with detailed instructions for accepting a seat and physical enrollment at the school.

Step Four: Parents/guardians of children who have been accepted must inform the Imagine Morningside of the intent to enroll.

Step Five: Physical enrollment at the school site. Enrollment will not be Step Five: Physical enrollment at the school site. Enrollment will not be official until the student has physically enrolled in the school. Being accepted through the lottery does not constitute physical enrollment. Further information will be forthcoming regarding the process for physical enrollment (location, time, information needed for verifying residency).

What are the age requirements for children entering kindergarten or first grade at Imagine Foundations at Morningside? Are they different from those of other schools?

As a public charter school in Prince George’s County, we are required to follow the school system’s age requirements for all students.

  • Here is the age policy for students entering kindergarten, as mandated by the State of Maryland: “Children admitted to the kindergarten program in the public schools shall be five (5) years old on or before September 1 of the school year in which they are applying. Early entrance will be considered for children turning five (5) years of age between September 2 and October 15 of the school year for which they are requesting early entrance. Those seeking early entrance into kindergarten must demonstrate developmental readiness by achieving a score of 90% or better on an early entrance assessment. Participation in public kindergarten or an approved alternative program is required for all students in the State of Maryland.”
  • Here is the age policy for students entering first grade, as mandated by the State of Maryland: “Children admitted to the first grade in the public schools shall be at least six (6) years old on or before September 1 of the school year in which they apply for entrance. Children cannot be enrolled in first grade unless they meet the age of entrance and have completed a public or private kindergarten program, one of the three (3) alternative program settings, or home school instruction. This applies to all children who are Maryland residents. A six (6) year old moving into Maryland from another state may be enrolled in first grade if the parent or guardian can provide proof that the child attended kindergarten or one of the alternative programs. If the parent cannot provide proof, the child must be enrolled in kindergarten. The parent or guardian must provide proof that they just moved into the state of Maryland and must complete the Affidavit of Disclosure (PA-15) to establish proof of their legal residence.”

Additional questions regarding the qualifications of any students should be directed to the Early Childhood Office, 301-808-2707.

What is the cost of tuition for attending Imagine Foundations at Morningside?

Because we are a public school, there is no tuition. It is free to attend Imagine Foundations at Morningside.

I currently have a child with special learning needs who has an Individual Educational Plan (IEP). What are your policies toward children with special needs?

As a public school, our doors are open to all students, including those who have an IEP and we are committed to educating all according to their needs. The school  does ask that parents/guardians share the incoming scholar’s IEP before the parent/guardian makes a placement decision to determine  if the scholar’s IEP designates a disability that cannot be served in a least-restrictive environment.

Does Imagine Foundations at Morningside have a pre-kindergarten program?

Imagine Foundations at Morningside does not currently offer a pre-kindergarten. Pre-K programs are not funded within Maryland Charter Schools

My child is pre-kindergarten-age now. Can we apply now to reserve a spot for the next school year, or do we have to wait a year?

Imagine Foundations at Morningside cannot reserve a spot for your child for an upcoming year. You must wait until your child has reached school age in order to apply.

Will transportation and before- and after-school programs be provided for families of Imagine Foundations at Morningside? Will Imagine Morningside provide lunch to all students?

Due to funding restrictions, transportation will not be provided for scholars. Parents/guardians will be responsible for transporting their children to and from school. There are many shuttle buses and services (not endorsed by the school) that transport scholars to and from school daily.

Imagine Foundations at Morningside partners with Innovation Learning to offer before- and after-school care. There is a cost to the program and more details can be found, at

In addition, we will provide a fee-based lunch for students in compliance with the National School Lunch Program. Our school will also provide free and reduced price meals for those students who qualify.