IFM 2019-2020 Classroom School Visit and Volunteering Protocol

Imagine Foundations at Morningside PCS welcomes parents/guardians to visit the school. To ensure consistent instruction, limited classroom interruptions, and a safe and secure environment, visitors are expected to follow the following guidelines. 


  • In accordance with Administrative Procedure 0500:, Classroom visits are at the discretion of the principal. Visits will not be permitted during testing. 
  • All visitors must enter and exit the building through the main lobby doors at the front of the building. 
  • Visitors must present a valid government photo ID to the Main Office when signing in to receive a visitors pass. The visitor’s pass must be visible at all times while in the building.
  • Please turn off all cell phones and electronic devices, as not to interrupt instruction.
  • All visitors are to report directly to their assigned location after leaving the main office and may not loiter in the hallways or unsupervised areas.
  • After School Hours: Once the building closes at 4:00 pm, no visitors are permitted throughout the building without an appointment, escort, scheduled activity, or pre-approval.


  • Parents or Guardians must arrange classroom visits with the grade level administrator and/or the principal with at least 24 hours notice (excluding weekends and holidays).  
  • Parents or Guardians may request to visit their child’s classroom(s) once per quarter (4 times annually) with no explanation or reason. After the quarterly visits are exhausted, a parent may request additional visits directly with the principal, but  these visits will be at the discretion of the principal (AP 0500).
  • Multiple classes may be observed throughout the day of the scheduled visit. 
  • NO interaction with students or teachers may take place during classroom observations. Visitors are expected to observe quietly, so that it does not interfere with classroom instruction. You may email questions and/or concerns to the teacher following the visit. 


  • Interactions with staff and/or students should be limited to the purpose of the visit.
  • All volunteers must be fingerprinted and have completed their background check. Receipts of completion must be submitted to the main office before volunteering. 
  • All volunteers must schedule their visits with school staff  (teachers, administrators, counselors, Parent Engagement Assistant, etc) who will inform the main office, so that they may confirm (a) that finger printing is complete and (b) the location and/or assignment of the volunteer.