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Grading and Reporting Procedure: Elementary School Admin Procedure 5121.1 & Middle School Admin Procedure 5121.2

What PGCPS Elementary & Middle School Students and Their Families Should Know About Grading and Reporting

Elementary School Grading Facts 2019_English

Elementary School Grading Facts 2019_Spanish

Elementary School Grading Facts 2019_French

Middle School Grading Facts 2019_English

Middle School Grading Facts 2019_Spanish

Middle School Grading Facts 2019_French

VOLUNTEER PROCEDURES: Must be completed for field trips and/or volunteer in the building.


  • Undergo a fingerprint check – at least 15 business days in advance of volunteer activity
  • Undergo a Child Protective Services (CPS) clearance – at least 15 business days in advance of volunteer activity
  • Complete the required SafeSchools training modules each school year – prior to engaging in volunteer activity.
  • Click here to access the training
    • After you have completed the required modules in Safe Schools, please print a copy of your certificate and bring it to Mrs. Nembhard in the front office so that she may attach it to your file, or to create a new file for you if this is your first time as a volunteer.
    •  If you are a PGCPS employee, you probably have already completed the required training but you still must print the required certificate and bring it to Mrs. Nembhard in the front office. 

Please refer to this link below to assist with what requirements you need for volunteering:

Early Dismissal- December 3rd

Good Morning Parents!

This message is URGENT! As many of you know President Bush’s funeral procession will close a number of roads today across the metropolitan area on Monday and Wednesday as the late president’s body is brought to the capital rotunda, where his body will lay in state for 3 days.

All 3 access roads to our school to include Allentown Road, Suitland Road and the Joint Andrews Base roads will be closed starting at approximately 2:45pm which is beginning of our dismissal. There is no way to determine how long the roads will stay closed.

Parents, guardians are vans are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to do an EARLY DISMISSAL TODAY for their scholars. The county provided an early dismissal for our sister campus Imagine Andrews, who has the same access roads but did not provide the same for our school. In the past, when this occurred with the Pop we had a 2-early dismissal.

Please make plans to pick up your scholar early today to avoid major issues. As a reminder, I have to release teachers and all staff persons from their duties at 3:30pm. If you are not here by 3:30pmto pick your scholar, then your scholar will be sent to Springboard at the drop-in rate of $47. Springboard scholars must be picked up by 6:30pm.

I apologize for the urgency of this message and the short time to make arrangements. I found out about the closures at 8:15 and have been on the phone with the county since working on this issue.