Principal Johnson First Day of School Message

Greetings IF@Milies,

Happy First Day of School! We had a great day back after being out of school for so long! Scholars were happy to be back in the schoolhouse and we are happy to receive them! Today we spent time reviewing schedules, norms, procedures, and getting to know one another. Please review these very important reminders to be off to a great start!

Arrival and Dismissal
-Parents/guardians please stay in your car with your mask on. The car line will not move if parents get out of the car. Parents should not get out of the car for any reason. Parking because the line is not moving, makes the lines not move at all. Please have your scholar ready to exit the car quickly in the morning. In the afternoon, scholars should be able to recognize the car and open their own doors to get in.
-There are 2 lines for the cars to move. Please take the direction of the staff outside.
-K-2 scholars enter and exit at the main door. 3-8 grade scholarsenter at the side door. Van and walkers are dismissed at the side door where grades 3-8 enter. Staff members are positioned at the entry doors and throughout the schoolhouse to help scholars get to the correct classroom.
-Breakfast is grab and go. Scholars enter the building at 8:10 am, grab breakfast from the line and eat it in the classroom. The grab-and-go breakfast line ends at 8:20 am.
-Please download PikMyKid today, if you have not done so already. Scholars received their car tags today to support a safe and orderly dismissal. PikMyKid allows us to call you scholar once you’re in range and send them to the carline to speed up dismissal. Today, PikMyKid went down right before dismissal. If this ever happens again, we will call the scholars via radio, Ms.Stefanak will take your scholar’s names and grade level and call them over the PA system.

Virtual and Face to Face Learning
-Families who selected virtual learning made the selection for semester one, which ends on February 2. Scholars cannot come to school face to face if the family already selected virtual learning. If you sent your virtual scholar to school today, please honor your selection tomorrow, as he/she cannot opt into face-to-facel earning at this time. Parents have already been contacted who did this today.
-Virtual scholars have a Google Classroom that they will use for teaching and learning. Teachers will providelive instruction. Scholars should log into the classes 5 minutes early; all Zoom links have been provided on the website and Class Dojo.

Dress Code
-Scholars should come to school dressed in the school uniform. Scholars should not have on outerwear(hoodies, hats, coats,jackets, etc.)
-Masks must be worn over the nose and mouth at all times, please remind your scholars.

-Scholars schedules can be found on SchoolMax, please review them with your scholars. We went over them today but it is good to reinforce them at home. Remember, all scholars in grades K-8 are departmentalized, meaning they have more than one content teacher each day.

-Class Dojo is our primary hub of communication. PGCPS employees have 2 business days to respond to messages. Please understand that a teacher will not be able to respond to a message during instruction.


Dr. Johnson